Italy and the Fight against World Poverty: Annual overview of Italian development cooperation

Added 24 Nov 2011

Eurodad Member ActionAid Italy has produced its annual assesment of Italy's development cooperation.

Italy and the Fight against World Poverty, now in its fifth edition, is an independent annual report by ActionAid. It assesses whether the commitments undertaken by Italy to fight poverty in the world have been fulfilled and analyse the role played by Italy in developing countries, amongst donors and in international politics. It covers national and international debate about public development cooperation policies. The report this year describes Italian development cooperation as ‘unclassifiable’ because it goes ‘beyond’ the European criteria of ‘proper cooperation’. Though Italy believes it is working innovatively and ‘beyond’ a cooperation paradigm that it suggests needs modernising, the cost of failing to respect the objectives of the international community impacts negatively on Italy’s reputation and influence in foreign policy. ActionAid calls upon Italian public institutions to exercise transparency and responsibility in their development work by publicising the commitments taken at a national level. This may mean the renouncement of particular objectives but will re-establish credibility.