Annual Report 2015

Added 14 Jun 2016
The Eurodad Annual Report 2015 provides an overview of our work throughout the year and includes our financial figures. 

In 2015, we continued to play a vital role in European and global civil society initiatives on tax justice, effective aid, ending debt crises and publicly-backed private finance, as well as related economic and financial policy issues relating to the Global South and North. During the year, the network consisted of 46 non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in 20 European countries. This includes all of the main European NGOs involved in development finance, and comprises large and small groups, as well as religious and other specialist networks and platforms.


In 2015, we:

• Saw our campaign for public country by country reporting (CBCR) bear fruit when the European Parliament agreed to propose this measure as part of the Shareholders’ Rights Directive. This measure promises to shine a light on where multinational companies make their profits and where they pay their taxes, making it much more difficult for multinationals to dodge taxes around the world.
• Coordinated the civil society campaign for a Global Tax Body during the Financing for Development (FfD) summit. 130 developing countries made it their top priority. The international movement for a representative decision-making forum was born.
• Saw the UN General Assembly adopt its first ever set of sovereign debt restructuring principles, which was an important victory in the campaign for a fair, rapid and transparent mechanism to resolve sovereign debt crises.
• Launched a groundbreaking report on Public Private Partnerships (PPPs), continuing to shape the global debate on publicly-backed private finance.
• Helped form a powerful coalition of members and allies that raise the alarm over the diversion of aid to fill domestic budget gaps caused by the refugee crisis.