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Disappointment as European Commission fails to address tax dodging

New Corporate Tax Package opens up new opportunities for corporate tax speculation and lower tax payments Wednesday June 17 2015 Eurodad today expressed disappointment at the European Commission’s new corporate tax package which failed to take tough decisions that will help bring an end to tax dodging.   The package, announced by Commissioner Moscovici, fails to take the logical step of consolidating the profits of transnational companies across European countries, postponing ...

Upcoming EU presidency faces whistleblows and calls for transparency

On the same day that MEPs voted for greater tax transparency, upcoming EU presidency, Luxembourg, faced demonstration at Embassy for prosecuting ‘Luxleaks’ whistleblower and journalist. Thursday May 7 Campaigners from across the world came together outside the Embassy of Luxembourg in Copenhagen today (Thursday May 7) and blew the whistle on corporate secrecy and prosecutions of whistleblowers and a journalist. The ‘Luxembourg Leaks’ scandal revealed how secrecy undermines corporate tax ...

Getting the EU response to the tax dodging scandal right

Christian Hallum

27 Mar 2015 14:44:34

A little over a week ago, the European Commission presented its “Tax Transparency Package”. Looking ahead, much still needs to be done to address Europe’s role in supporting an unjust global tax system. This blog looks at some of the lessons of the past and recommendations for the EU in the year ahead in terms of achieving tax justice. For many, the secret world of tax rulings for transnational corporations only became obvious in November 2014, when the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) leaked more than 500 rulings from Luxembourg. The rulings showed that multinational companies – many of them household brand names – had received extremely favourable tax deals that had reduced their tax rates to next to nothing.  A law professor described these tax ...

European Commission’s Tax Transparency Package keeps tax deals secret

Campaigners disappointed with unambitious package but European Commission has second chance to deliver in June Wednesday 18th March 2015 The European Commission’s new measures to combat secret tax deals made between multinational companies and governments cannot be called tax transparency, as they fail to give citizens access to any information. The Tax Transparency Package, published today in response to the Luxembourg Leaks scandal, makes some improvements to the information that tax administrations ...
+Plateforme Paradis Fiscaux et Judiciaires
+Christian Aid
This week, more than 30 organisations from the Tax Justice Europe network have written to members of the European Parliament strongly supporting a proposal from Green MEPs for a stand alone investigative committee in the wake of the 'Luxembourg Leaks' ...

European Parliament must set up a committee of inquiry on tax avoidance

Eurodad / Tax Justice Europe  Media Statement, 1st December 2014 MEPs must give their support to a letter being circulated to set up a committee of inquiry in the wake of the “Luxembourg leaks” scandal. The committee would investigate tax avoidance by corporations and tax laws and rulings in EU member states, European civil society organisations said today. More than 30 organisations from the Tax Justice Europe network have written to members of the European Parliament strongly ...