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On debt and taxation, rich and poor countries are worlds apart

Tove Ryding

01 Aug 2016 12:49:10

This article was first published by the Guardian Following the promises of 2015, when governments adopted the sustainable development goals (SDGs) and a new agreement to combat climate change, many had hoped this year would herald an ambitious political atmosphere, with grand self-congratulatory speeches turned into concrete change. It was clearly with this in mind that the UN’s Conference on Trade and Development (Unctad) chose “From decisions to actions” as the slogan for its global conference, which took place in Kenya last week. All governments ought to be able to embrace the focus of Unctad – namely to help developing countries mobilise financing for development, and improve global economic governance. Unctad’s roles include helping poorer countries to benefit from trade, stabilise ...
331 CSOs, including Eurodad, have sent a letter to decision-makers ahead the fourteenth session of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), taking place in Nairobi next week. The letter urges UNCTAD member states to preserve ...

Following Panama Papers, the European Commission takes step forward on financial transparency, but loopholes remain

Tuesday July 5 2016 Today the European Commission took a step towards financial transparency proposing public registers of the real owners of companies and ‘commercial trusts’ to be included in the EU’s anti-money laundering legislation. However, information about ‘non-commercial trusts’ will remain largely behind closed doors as the proposed rules state that in order to access this data, members of the public must demonstrate a ‘legitimate interest’. The Commission has reopened ...
Eurodad has produced two briefings, one on Development Finance Institutions (DFIs) and public country by country reporting (CBCR), the other on DFIs and public disclosure of beneficial ownership (BO). The briefings put forward general recommendations ...

Take action to make multinationals pay their fair share of taxes

Lotta Staffans

14 Mar 2016 16:57:49

The European Commission now has the opportunity to show real commitment to its agenda for corporate transparency and fair taxation. Right now, the Commissioners are discussing a proposal for public country by country reporting for multinational corporations. Eurodad has launched a new website to help you get in touch with the Commissioners and make sure they know now is the time for an ambitious proposal.   Tax justice NGOs all over the world have been calling for public country by country reporting for years, as basic information on where multinationals do business, what they pay in tax, how many employees they have and so on, would be a key tool in the fight against corporate tax avoidance. There are several reasons why the European Union should introduce this simple transparency ...
by Koen Roovers, EU Lead Advocate at the Financial Transparency Coalition. This post was originally published on the Financial Transparency Coalition's website. Earlier this week, the Dutch Finance Minister, Mr Dijsselbloem, announced that the government ...

European Commission’s Anti Tax Avoidance Package will not stop multinationals dodging taxes

• Some proposals in package could even lead to lower taxation of multinational corporations • Commission must now back public reporting of where companies make profits and where they pay taxes. Thursday 28th January 2016 The European Commission’s much-feted Anti Tax Avoidance package lacks ambition and will not bring an end to the epidemic of multinational tax dodging. Tove Ryding, tax justice coordinator at the European Network on Debt and Development (Eurodad) said: “This package is ...