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Eurodad has produced two briefings, one on Development Finance Institutions (DFIs) and public country by country reporting (CBCR), the other on DFIs and public disclosure of beneficial ownership (BO). The briefings put forward general recommendations ...

The false EU promise of listing tax havens

Lotta Staffans

27 May 2016 10:55:29

This week, European Union finance ministers agreed to establish a common EU blacklist of so-called “non-cooperative jurisdictions” – in other words, tax havens. With one tax scandal unfolding after the other, listing and sanctioning tax havens may seem like a good solution. However, as tempting as it may sound, this EU exercise is doomed to fail – and here’s why. The proposal for a common blacklist stems from the European Commission’s external strategy on tax, which was published this January. However, tax havens are not an external matter to the EU, quite the contrary – some of the world’s most powerful tax havens are to be found in Europe. For example, a new report from Oxfam uses European Commission (EC) data to analyse the role of the Netherlands as ...

Upcoming EU presidency faces whistleblows and calls for transparency

On the same day that MEPs voted for greater tax transparency, upcoming EU presidency, Luxembourg, faced demonstration at Embassy for prosecuting ‘Luxleaks’ whistleblower and journalist. Thursday May 7 Campaigners from across the world came together outside the Embassy of Luxembourg in Copenhagen today (Thursday May 7) and blew the whistle on corporate secrecy and prosecutions of whistleblowers and a journalist. The ‘Luxembourg Leaks’ scandal revealed how secrecy undermines corporate tax ...
On May 7 Eurodad and campaigners from all over the world held a demonstration at the Embassy of Luxembourg in Denmark against corporate secrecy and prosecutions of whistleblowers. In solidarity with the whistleblowers the activists blew whistles and ...
Some weeks ago, Oxfam Intermón launched an excellent report called La Ilusión Fiscal, which analyses the relationship between the biggest Spanish companies and tax havens. The conclusions are astonishing: while Spain is losing almost €60 billion every ...
The World Social Forum – Tunis 2015 Activists call for leaders to tackle inequality and deliver tax justice Activists from across the world have published a declaration urging governments everywhere to reduce inequality and deliver global tax justice. ...