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The latest statistics on Official Development Assistance (ODA) were released yesterday, and reported that total ODA from members of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development Assistance Committee (OECD DAC) group of rich countries was US$142.6 ...
On Monday 10 October, arguably the biggest change to Overseas Development Assistance (ODA or 'aid') for over 40 years will be agreed at a meeting of donors in Paris. The OECD’s Development Assistance Committee (DAC) will be asked to approve reforms ...

2015 aid statistics: Many EU countries become the biggest recipients of their own aid

Today's OECD figures show diversion of aid to domestic costs in rich countries massively increased in 2015 - with $12 billion being spent in donor countries to cover domestic refugee costs. This overshadows the fact that international aid expenditure increased in real terms but remained at 0.3% of donors' gross national income (GNI). This is less than half of the 0.7% targets donors have signed up to.The OECD must overhaul rules on what can be reported as aid so funds truly contribute to poverty ...

The world’s poorest should not pay for the security and defence of Europe

Governments are considering diverting limited aid funds to security and defence, and may also increase the amount they use to cover refugee costs in rich countriesA large coalition of NGOs is calling for European leaders to protect refugees while ensuring aid budgets are only used for poverty eradication and sustainable developmentGovernments across Europe are planning to divert scarce development aid budgets to cover security and defence costs, anti-poverty campaigners understand. Proposals that ...