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EU’s secret ’sweetheart’ tax deals with multinational corporations soar to record numbers

Advanced pricing agreements (APAs) – also known as ’comfort letters’ or ’sweetheart deals’ –  between EU governments and multinational companies have rocketed to record numbers, according to new figures released by the European Commission. This comes after such deals have been at the centre of several tax scandals, as well as State aid cases that the European Commission has launched against EU Member States, involving the alleged loss of millions of Euros in tax income. Most ...
Eurodad and partners invite interested CSOs to join a webinar on Public Development Banks (PDBs). Public development banks are increasingly influential in stimulating investment in the global south and delivering the finance needed to achieve the ...
The EU Council have announced that eight countries will be removed from the EU’s list of so-called ‘Non-cooperative jurisdictions’ – also referred to as the tax haven blacklist. The eight countries, which are Barbados, Grenada, the Republic ...
Campaigners have welcomed today’s [15 December] decision by the EU to take an important step forward on the transparency of beneficial ownership information for companies. However, they warn that by not extending the same transparency requirements to ...
Tax justice campaigners today condemned an EU “blacklist” of tax havens which fails to include a single EU member state. The blacklist of 17 countries was published just a day after new findings showed a large group of EU countries have tax structures ...