EU Finance Ministers must stop the business masquerade

Added 19 Jun 2014
Despite the many political speeches about creating financial transparency, the public have still not won the right to know the names of people who control the companies operating in our societies. And despite it being common knowledge that some of these anonymous legal structures, including both companies and trusts, are being used to launder money from tax evasion, drug trafficking and corruption, EU finance ministers are still hesitating to take action. Meanwhile, the European Parliament has come out in strong support of taking the necessary step to solve the problem – to put an end to secrecy and create public registries showing who actually owns companies, trusts, and similar legal structures.

The European Parliament’s call for action will not materialise until the EU member states agree. However, after more than a year of discussion the ministers have still not reached a common position. When they meet in Luxembourg tomorrow (June 20), our finance ministers will have yet another chance to look each other in the eyes and say “Let’s do it!”

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