Rich countries reject developing countres' right to equal participation in international tax matters

Added 25 Jul 2016
During the UNCTAD 14 conference, which took place in Nairobi, Kenya from July 17-22, developing countries fought for recognition of their right to participate on an equal footing in international tax negotiations. However, this proposal was met with opposition from rich countries. First, the wording "on an equal footing" was deleted from the negotiating text, and later this whole paragraph was deleted: 

This leaves the impression that rich nations are determined to exclude developing countries from the decision-making room when global tax standards are negotiated. And it wouldn't be the first time. During last year's Summit on Financing for Development, the developing countries fought hard to get an intergovernmental tax body established under the United Nations, which would allow all countries a seat at the table. The proposal was rejected by the rich countries. They decided that decision making should remain at the OECD - also known as the "rich countries' club" - where more than 100 developing countries have repeatedly been excluded from the decision making on 'global' tax standards.