Public-private partnerships don't work. It's time for the World Bank to take action.

Added 26 Apr 2018

This article was initially published at Devex

This week, executive directors of the World Bank were handed a letter signed by more than 80 civil society organizations and trade unions from around the world, urging a change in the bank’s approach to public-private partnerships.

This action, during the IMF and World Bank Group Spring Meetings, should not have come as a surprise. It is part of a global campaign on PPPs launched last October with the support of more than 150 organizations that are exasperated by the lack of action on this critical issue. The campaign manifesto outlines CSOs’ alarm at the increasing promotion of PPPs to deliver infrastructure projects and public services around the world, and in particular the World Bank’s role in energetically promoting these contracts. The experience of PPPs in many developed and developing countries alike has been negative, and few projects have delivered results in the public interest, which represents a serious threat for citizens that are in need of services.

The campaign was launched following a number of technical discussions between members of the CSO community and World Bank staff. While we have appreciated the willingness of staff to meet and engage in frank and open exchanges, the manifesto and this latest letter are expressions of the collective dissatisfaction with the degree to which civil society concerns have been addressed by the bank.

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