Aid in 2016: Call on world leaders to help refugees - without jeopardising the world's poorest people

Added 08 Feb 2016

In the last year, more than 1 million refugees have arrived on European shores. Fleeing inconceivable war, terror and persecution, these men, women and children deserve our help and protection.

But this should not be at the expense of the world’s poorest people.

To cover the costs of responding to the refugee crisis in our own countries, politicians are silently slashing aid projects to fill domestic budget gaps.

We are concerned that an increasingly smaller portion of aid is being made available for communities and countries who need it the most, including countries from which refugees are fleeing to escape conflict and despair.

In 2014, it’s estimated that €7.1 billion of European aid was spent domestically - it never even reached a developing country. This included the cost of hosting refugees, overseas student costs and subsidising multinational corporations. This figure could have provided life-saving vaccinations to 300 million children, preventing 5 million deaths in a single year. And this figure is rising….

We know that governments are facing tough funding decisions in the face of a range of international pressures - from the refugee crisis to terrorism. But delving into aid budgets is not the answer.

We do not need to choose between supporting refugees within our borders, and empowering the world’s most vulnerable people to escape extreme poverty.

These decisions are happening behind closed doors, and politicians are able to get away with manipulating the rules because there is no real scrutiny over how aid budgets are spent.

Eurodad is joining forces with a group of incredible organisations including ONE, Save the Children, Global Citizen, CONCORD, BOND and Oxfam. Together we’re calling on leaders to make sure the choices they make on aid in the coming months don’t mean the poorest people lose out on an education or healthcare.

Please sign one of the following petitions to show global leaders that you’re watching - and you want the needs of refugees to be met without doing so at the expense of the world’s poorest.

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