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Lebanon’s sovereign default: Turning misfortunes into opportunities


20 Mar 2020 14:46:32

This is a guest blog on behalf of the Arab NGO Network for Development (ANND) by Dr Hassan Sherry, Adjunct Lecturer, Department of Economics, Lebanese American University A crisis unfolds For the first time in its one hundred year history,  Lebanon has defaulted on its debt after its government opted not to repay a US$ 1.2 billion Eurobond that reached maturity on 9 March. Although it can be difficult to predict sovereign defaults, the decision comes as no surprise. Lebanon has been marching down an unsustainable economic path for almost a decade now.  Prime Minister Hassan Diab put the country's total public debt at approximately US$ 90 billion or 170 per cent of GDP – the world’s largest debt-to-GDP ratio after Japan and Greece. The unsustainable debt figures are attributed ...
  By Carlos Villota, This week, Eurodad member Debt and Development Coalition Ireland launched the campaign ‘Anglo not our debt’, calling on the Irish government to immediately stop servicing the debt of the now dead Anglo-Irish Bank and to enter ...
By Nuría Molina, Carta de Financiación ResponsableCharte pour un financement responsable The Charter aims to go beyond a do-no-harm approach by outlining standards to ensure that lending and investments actively deliver positive development outcomes. The ...
By Carlos Villota, This briefing has been produced as part of a project of six NGOs (BWP, CRBM, CCFD, Eurodad, GLOPOLIS and Weed) to raise awareness about the global financial system and how it could be made fit for development. Four decades of financial ...
By Alex Marriage, January 3rds’ indictment of three Swiss bankers by a US court on tax evasion charges, shows that robust action against offshore centres can succeed. This underlines the terrible deal the populations of Germany, Britain and Greece ...