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Impoverished countries spending up to 40% of government revenues on repaying debt, according to new research

Poor countries around the world are cutting public services such as health and education as the cost of debt rises Cuts put women’s rights and advances in gender equality at risk Thursday February 20 2020  A report published today shows that rapidly rising and more expensive public debt is pitting the rights of creditors against those of the world’s poorest - and in particular women and girls - as countries devote up to 40 per cent of revenue to external debt service. The new research ...

European Parliament hearing on aid effectiveness


07 Feb 2020 13:01:07

On 22 January, Eurodad Director Jean Saldanha spoke as part of the public hearing on aid effectiveness held by the European Parliament Committee on Development. The hearing will feed into a forthcoming report by DEVE Member Tomas Tobé that comes at a crucial moment as negotiations for the EU’s multiannual budget are ongoing and the EU is debating the future of its development finance architecture. Acknowledging the positive and proactive role the European Parliament has played in keeping development effectiveness on the EU’s agenda, Eurodad focused on the key role of ODA as a vital and irreplaceable resource for eradicating poverty and tackling inequalities. Development effectiveness principles are key to unleash the catalytic potential of ODA, while recent assessments show ...

Eurodad's priorities for 2020

Jean Saldanha

31 Jan 2020 13:21:31

2020 starts the ten-year countdown for the successful implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals. It is also a critical period for a just response to climate change, ensuring that those who are the least responsible do not pay the greatest price.Here, Eurodad Director Jean Saldanha explores some of the issues Eurodad will tackle in 2020: 1. A fair resolution to unsustainable debtUNCTAD’s 2019 Trade and Development Report warned: “A spluttering North, a general slowdown in the South, and rising levels of debt everywhere are hanging ominously over the global economy; these, combined with increased market volatility, a fractured multilateral system and mounting uncertainty, are framing the immediate policy challenge.”The worsening debt picture across the Global South is being ...

Eurodad response to today's Statement by the Inclusive Framework on BEPS

Friday January 31 2020, Tove Maria Ryding, Tax Coordinator at the European Network on Debt and Development (Eurodad) said: "If we look at what is currently on the table, it seems the existing transfer pricing system will be maintained. Basically, the new tax rules are supposed to run in parallel with the old rules, but only apply to a relatively small part of the overall profits of multinational corporations. Given that the current transfer pricing rules have proven to be both ineffective and deeply ...

Haiti 10 years after the earthquake: the fight for social and economic justice continues

Iolanda Fresnillo

10 Jan 2020 14:17:31

Delmas camp for  people internaly displaced by the earthquake. I Fresnillo/ Dec 2013 On January 12 2010 an earthquake of magnitude 7.3 on the Richter scale ripped through Port-au-Prince metropolitan area and other parts of Haiti. More than 1.5 million people, representing 15 per cent of the country's population, were directly affected by the earthquake. According to the Haitian government, 316,000 people lost their lives. An estimated US$ 7.8 billion dollars of damage was caused - equivalent to more than 120 per cent of the GDP of 2009. Everyone in Haiti has a story that begins or ends on 12 January and many wounds remain open. Everyone lost someone. Everyone remembers where they were that day. From debt relief to oil debt When the earthquake struck, I was with a group of European ...