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Don’t miss the major opportunity for information sharing, analysis and strategy session of the year: the Eurodad biennial conference, which takes place in Prague from 3-5 June! The deadline for registration is Tuesday, 30 April. Co-organised by Eurodad ...
By Diana Hulova In recent years, institutions and the media have paid increased attention to the debt problems of advanced economies, yet debt remains a major concern for many developing countries, which are equally struggling to cope with growing debt ...

Civil society calls for measures to stop the drain of resources

Alessandra Garda

18 Oct 2012 14:22:33

by Maria José Romero A four-day workshop in Buenos Aires, Argentina, last week highlighted serious challenges faced by developing countries trying to mobilise their own resources for development. The event, organised by Latindadd, gathered more than forty delegates, from Latin American civil society organisations, the US, Europe and Africa to academics and regional tax administrators to discuss how transfer pricing mechanisms and double taxation agreements undermine the possibility for developing countries to collect taxes in an equitable manner. The event was also an opportunity to expose specific examples of the negative impact that illicit financial flows have on developing countries and to evaluate concrete policy proposals. Trade mispricing and illicit flows Christian Aid estimates ...
by Javier Pereira The European Parliaments Legal Affairs committee has voted for a requirement for country-by-country reporting of payments to governments in the banking, construction and telecommunications sectors. This is a crucial step that comes ...
The European Council of development ministers issued on 15th October  a short set of ‘conclusions’ in response to the European Commission’s July report on financing for development. The Council agreed to “develop a common position” on “development ...
by Francesca Giubilo In its Communication on Social protection in European Union development cooperation, released last month, the European Commission (EC) emphasises the need for fair and efficient tax systems to support social protection schemes in ...